Halima Aden Reaches the High-End Market at 19

Amidst all the unfortunate discrimination, hijab has still managed to reach the worldwide market and seems to grow by the day. Your eyes weren’t fooling you when you saw those Abayas down at the Dolce Gabbana store in Dubai Mall; but when hijab hits the runway, that’s when you know this is our time to shine!

19- year old Minnesota Halima Aden has recently scored a major contract with IMG. At only 19, Aden had competed in Minnesota’s Miss USA pageant, wearing a hijab including the swimsuit portion of the competition where she wore a burkini.

Halima at the Minnesota pageant

Aden was featured in the high-fashion magazine CR Fashion Book and on February 15th, the veiled beauty made her mark into New York Fashion Week modeling for Kanye West’s Yeezy.

Not only is Aden’s signing by IMG a powerful message of religious tolerance in the West, it’s also a highly perceptive move given how profitable the Muslim market is for high-end brands.

According to Thomson Reuters, Muslim shoppers spend $266 billion on clothing and footwear in 2013 and spending is expected to rise to $488 billion by 2019.

Some brands like Dolce & Gabbana are taking notes, where they have launched a collection of hijab and abayas targeting Muslim shoppers in the Middle East and according to glamour, forecasters predict that other fashion labels will follow their lead.

There is no doubt that Aden’s acceptance into the fashion world will open doors for other Muslim models, veiled or not.

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