Did You Know?

We all know that Arabs are no strangers to the fashion world. When you have a high-end designer like Elie Saab and up-and-coming high end designers like Razan Alazzouni (who has dressed up celebrities like Emma Roberts and Ashley Tisdale) or Toby’s Hatem Al Akeel (who has dressed up people like Snoop Dogg and Christian Louboutin).

However, there might be a thing or two that we don’t know about current designers that we know and love oh so much.

Did you know?

  • Christian Louboutin comes from Egyptian origins and had found out about his origins in 2014. He said in an interview in 2012 that
    he was much darker skinned than everyone else in his family.”You know, I felt I wasn’t French. My family was very French and so I decided they had probably adopted me. But instead of feeling it was terrible and that I was an outsider who had to go and find my real family, I invented my own history, full of characters from Egypt because I was very into the pharaohs. He coincidentally discovered from one of his sisters in 2014 of his legitimate origins. Evidently, he bought a houseboat on the Nile and ahouse in Luxor with his spouse.
  • The founder of French fashion house Chloé was Egyptian Jewish. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, Gabrielle Aghion had an idea of starting a fashion house in which she was unfortunately mocked for.She and her husband moved to Paris in 1945 and later launched Chloé in 1952. Aghion hired Karl Lagerfeld (now owner of fashion house Chanel and Fendi) early in his career.
  • Although not a fashion icon, Steve Jobs brought the world to its knees
    with his innovative mind creativity. Jobs was the CEO of Apple Inc. and was a majority shareholder of Pixar, a member of Walt Disney Company’s board of directors and CEO of NeXT. Jobs’ biological father Abdulfattah Jandali was a Syrian who graduated from the American University of Beirut.
  • We all know and love world-famous supermodel Gigi Hadid. Not only is she of Palestinian descent, she also descends from Zhahir Al-Umar, who was ruler of Northern Palestine and was part of the Ottoman Empire. Hadid was featured in Vogue Arabia’s first print magazine representing her Arabian heritage in which she was, quote “proud of”. We’re proud of you too, Gigi!
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