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Halima Aden Reaches the High-End Market at 19

Amidst all the unfortunate discrimination, hijab has still managed to reach the worldwide market and seems to grow by the day. Your eyes weren’t fooling you when you saw those Abayas down at the Dolce Gabbana store in Dubai Mall; but when hijab hits the runway, that’s when you know this is our time to shine!

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Toby’s Hatem Al Akeel Makes Culture Interesting

One of the most distinguishing and unique factors of Arabian culture is the traditional Thobe or Kandora that has been worn for centuries and continues to be worn and is even considered the most formal of attire in places like our beloved Gulf countries. Although attempting to alter such attire could have caused a misfit in some nations – but it hasn’t. Hatem Al Akeel managed to bring together the immediacy of Western fashion into our prestigious Middle Eastern traditional attire with just the right amount of creativity!

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