Imaan Hammam Talks Lets Us Into Her Skin Care Routine

It’s no secret that the Moroccans always know the best ingredients for the skin, and the half Egyptian half-Moroccan Model Imaan Hammam gave Vogue magazine the pleasure of sharing her secret oil and butter beauty recipes.

Instead of spending hundreds on Moroccan products in drugstores and supermarkets, Hammam has decided to let us in on a little secret: kitchen ingredients for beauty remedies!

“Mix saffron and honey and apply it to your face like a mask for five minutes.” Wash it off and weep over the new and beautiful version of yourself!

Hammam’s flawless skin tone was reason enough for us to believe that the Egyptian-Moroccan hybrid was on to something. With this harsh weather coming upon us, there’s no better time for the Arabian beauty to let us in on her beauty secret.

As of 2014, Hammam was one of the seven new faces of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which is known for being different than traditional fashion shows where the models are straight-faced and their walks are robotic. After scoring the cover of Vogue magazine, Imaan is  now one of the brightest newcomers to the Victoria’s Secret world.

According to Vogue, this is what the Amsterdam native had to say: “The Victoria’s Secret Show was always on during New Year’s Eve. While my friends were playing with fireworks, I was waiting for the show to start”. But instead of waiting behind the screen that year, she was too busy creating the fireworks on that catwalk!

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