Make Up Tips by Fatima Al Momen

It’s no secret that make-up is now seen to be more complicated than rocket science. With all these growing products, women seem to spend thousands of dollars on make-up and sometimes over do it. Fatima has provided us with a few tips on applying make up and how to highlight your beauty.

Kuwaiti Architect and Influencer Fatima Al Momen is seen to be one of the most iconic and stunning influencers in the Gulf region. Even though make-up is not her speciality, she manages to look flawless and always seems to know to use just the right amount of make-up. Fatima was generous enough to share a few pointers and guidelines to keep in mind when applying make-up.

  1. Be natural and don’t imitate anyone. Everyone has their own form of beauty
  2. Do not overdo. Eyeliner shouldn’t be too long and lips shouldn’t be too big.
  3. Use suitable foundation for your skin. Not lighter nor darker.
  4. Do not put heavy make-up in the daytime because sunlight makes all those layers clear to those around you.
  5. Nothing beats the classic and natural. Don’t follow trends that aren’t suitable for you..

“The principle of beauty is the way in which you present yourself. This includes self-confidence, self-loving and everything in between”

Watch this video for one of Al Momen’s tutorials from her Snapchat account:


She adds three tips for brilliant hair.

  1. Cut your hair frequently, healthy ends make your hair grow healthy.
  2. Shiny hair needs nourishing oils.
  3. Protect your hair from heat and color
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